Routes & Waterpoints

We can assure you that the Waterberg XCO will always have plenty of its signature fast, smooth flowing single tracks, and technical aspects where the rider dictates their level of technicality by adjusting their speed. We have been committed to improving the route since first race  in 2017.

Please note that due to farming operations, the weather and various other factors, distances may vary slightly. As we get closer to the event chances of changes become less likely.

Lindani 55km - red 2.png

55km Route Info

The 55km is a challenging ride comprising of 870m of climbing and enjoying the thrilling trails of Roller Coaster, Easy Rider, Topsy Turvy, Down and Out and 3 Amps.  

Winning Time from 2018 - 2:34:23 hrs

Weekend Warrior time - 3:30 hrs

Lindani 35km - Yellow 2.png

35km Route Info

The 35km climbs 550m and also includes some of the stunning 55km mentioned trails but is less technically demanding than the 55km.  This involves a mixture of open roads and single track.

Winning Time from 2018 - 1:39:55 hrs

Weekend Warrior Time - 2:45 hrs

Lindani 15 km - blue 2.png

15km Route Info

The scenic 15km will remain mostly on farm roads, interspersed with a few short trails allowing riders a more relaxed view of the surrounding beauty.